About me

Hello and hi there,

Welcome to my website. I am Jelle Vonk, a 29 year old film photographer from the Netherlands. Trough this website I would like to share my pictures with you and share my ideas on analog photography. I am passionate about using old mechanical camera’s that connect me to my subject. In this very minimalstic way of working I find the true love for photography. I often work black & white and make my own silver prints from time to time. Troughout this website you may find several scans of negatives that I have taken, I hope you will enjoy them! Please see the blog for my latest results, the gallery shows a core collection of my favourites.

I own several camera’s, most of them are 35mm format but I like shooting medium format aswell. I currently own a Leica M2 with  a Summaron 35mm 2.8 lens, a Yashica 124 and a Pentax MX. Film inspires me and pushes me to think before I shoot. Most of all I love the non-digital analog physical process of film. Developping your own film and working in a darkroom is an amazing expierence. Plus having actual pictures instead of just megabites and digital files makes it worth doing it. Ofcourse analog brings always a risk, and yes I lost pictures by mistakes, but that is part of the challenge and joy of it.