Rainy Day in Amsterdam

Hi Folks,

Yesterday was a rainy day in Amsterdam. I however really felt going out with my Leica M2 to shoot some HP5 Black&White Pictures. The rain gave me some perfect reflections which I absolutely love. It was the oppurtinity to take some great shots. I started out at Weesperplein and walked my way to the Albert Cuyp market. Here I met a man playing the harmonica and asked him if I could take his shot. After that I strolled on towards the Amsterdam Leica shop. I visited the Leica shop in Milan and now wanted to check out the Amsterdam one aswell. Staff was really friendly and had a chance to show my M2. While walking up there I came across some heavy protests for animal rights walking in the south area. I found the contrast with the scence and the streets cool enough to take some shots. I hope you enjoy them, thanks!